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Cocktail Audio X10

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Cocktail Audio X10

Cocktail Audio X10

Price: 399.00 / Euro466.83 (Including VAT at 20%)

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What is the Cocktail Audio X10 ?

1. Revolutionary HiFi Component, CD storage & Music Streamer
X10 is a perfect and excellent HiFi Component, CD storage & Music Streamer. Basically it looks like a normal audio CD Player and will play audio CD directly like a normal CD Player. But, it has various amazing functions such as HiFi CD storage with database function, music streamer, Internet radio, networking and etc. You can load all your CD collection into the X10, and X10 gives you the instant access to any of your music.

2. More than HiFi Component
X10 is a revolutionary HiFi Component. X10 has a high speed front loading CD drive built in with 3.5" full colour TFT LCD to display well designed high quality UI (user interface). Also, X10 uses 3.5 inch SATA hard disk as storage to load all your CD collection. Think about 1 Terabytes or 2 Terabytes hard disk. It's big capacity enough to load all your CD collection unless you have more than 30,000 CDs. X10 has an high quality 60W amplifier inside which can deliver wonderful sound through your existing HiFi system or your own loudspeakers. Of course, X10 provides a nice passive speaker as an option. Now, let's see in detail what kind of interesting functions it has.
X10 is not big. It's cute and small enough for your living room.
The size is
18Cm(width) x 14.7Cm(depth) x 9.8Cm (height).
It fits quite well beside or on your home theatre system. Of course, any small space under the TV will be OK for it.
Its simple design and high quality finishing will make your living room more comfortable.

3. Load all your CD collection to the X10
How many audio CDs do you have ?
Do you have hundreds of CDs or maybe thousands of CDs or even more ?
Those huge number of CDs will surely make your living room look cluttered. Just load all your CDs to X10, and then keep those CDs away from your precious living room. Now, you can scroll all your precious music stored in X10 with remote control from the sofa. You can rediscover your many beautiful music which had been sleeping in the CD shelf for long time.
Making CD database
This is the process to make CD database. Once you input CD information like title, artist, album, year and genre, it will be your CD database by which you can search any music easily.
Now, just put your existing USB keyboard into USB host port of X10. Enter CD information like title, artist, album, year and genre. If you have no USB Keyboard, you can use the remote control bundled with X10.
Encoding Option
X10 provides two options (MP3 or WAV) for encoding. Do you want to enjoy original CD level quality sound? Then, choose WAV option for encoding. Do you want to save the space of X10 memory capacity ? And, do you want to transfer your CD to your MP3 player for travelling. Then, choose MP3 option.

How many CDs you can store and what memory capacity ?
500 GB
Encoding option
WAV (uncompressed) - 650 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 128 k - 7,500 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 192 k - 5,000 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 320 k - 3,000 CDs
1000 GB
WAV (uncompressed) - 1,300 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 128 k - 15,000 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 192 k - 10,000 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 320 k - 6,000 CDs
2000 GB
WAV (uncompressed) - 2,600 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 128 k - 30,000 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 192 k - 20,000 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 320 k - 12,000 CDs

4. How does X10 play the music loaded in the X10 ?
Now, your X10 holds your entire CD collection. It will give you instant access to any of your music. With the remote control of the X10, you can search any music easily by title, artist, album, year or genre that you entered when you load your CDs to X10. Pressing the assigned key of the remote control and typing a few alphabets make you see the list you want through the 3.5" full colour screen in the front of X10.

5. Your old collection of LP or cassettes !
Don't keep them sleeping any more in the attic.
Do you have LPs or cassette tapes ?
Don't let your precious and wonderful music in LP or cassette tapes sleep any more in the attic. Just record them into X10. Once you record them into the hard disk of X10, I am sure you will try enjoying them more frequently because it is far more convenient to have an access to them than before. Just scrolling and pressing a few buttons of the remote controller in your sofa will deliver wonderful music to you. You feel just like that an old friend moved to your neighbourhood from far.

6. Networking and Music Streamer
You can add X10 to your network through the Ethernet (100Base-Tx/10Base-T) LAN or through WiFi (WiFi is optional). X10 supports Samba server/client network protocol.
This network solution lets you do more things such as music streaming playing-back and file copy from a remote computer. For example, X10 can play the music in your remote computer directly. Also, you can copy music files in your remote computer to the hard disk of X10 directly. You can see the shared folder in your computer through the 3.5" colour screen of X10. Also, you can see the hard disk of X10 through your computer monitor.

7. Internet Radio.
What an interesting world !
Have you ever listened to a radio broadcasting from another country ? Try it and you will have a big fun. X10 has numerous internet radio stations which are famous and popular world wide. The stations are classified by countries, genre and period. Also, if X10 does not have the internet radio station you want, you can add your favourite station to the X10 by yourselves.

8. Extension to your existing audio system.
X10 provides optical connector, Line out and loudspeaker connectors.
I believe the amplifier of your home theater system has optical input and Line in(AUX in). Just connect X10 to your existing amplifier with optical audio cable or Line cable. Then, you can enjoy brilliant sound through your existing audio system. In this case, X10 plays as just an audio source.

9. USB Host Port of X10
What can you do with USB host port of X10 ?
Nowadays, USB hand-held devices like memory stick, mobile phone and MP3P, especially iPod are very popular. I think they are essential devices for our life. X10 works well with these devices. If there is a nice dance music in your USB memory stick, just plug it into the USB host port of X10, then you can enjoy the dance music at a level loud enough for dancing and playing the air guitar.
During travelling, some music gives you more fun. When you should leave your home for travelling, just plug your MP3P into the X10 and copy your favourite music from X10 to your MP3P.

10. Storage for X10, 3.5 inch SATA hard disk.
X10 uses 3.5 inch SATA hard disk for its storage. X10 was tested and verified with up to 2 Tera Bytes 3.5inch SATA hard disk. Currently 2TB is the biggest 3.5" hard disk available in the market.
To support bigger capacity hard disk, the firmware of X10 will be updated later.
The structure of hard disk installation into X10 is very simple. So, you can install hard disk with easy by yourselves. In case that you want to change
hard disk with brand new one when the installed hard disk is full of files, you can do it with easy.
X10 supports FAT32 and NTFS file system. But, we strongly recommend NTFS file system.

11. Huge files! How do you manage it ?
X10 provides well-qualified File Management function. This function will help you to manage huge files in the hard disk of X10 with easy without computer. You can run 'delete, move, rename, or copy' option with this file managemet function. I believe you would use a big capacity of 3.5" hard disk with X10, because currently the price for big capacity 3.5" hard disk like 500GB, 700GB, 1TB or even 2TB is not much expensive. As even your huge capacity hard disk of X10 will be full of files eventually, the file management function of X10 must be a great function for your file managemet job.

12. Summary of X10 UI (user interface)
X10 provides a well-designed high quality UI through its 3.5inch full colour TFT LCD in the front of it. The user-friendly UI lets you enjoy various functions with easy. Thanks to big screen, vivid icon and white text with black background, you can keep staying in your comfortable sofa to play music.

13. X10 supports various type of audio codec
It can support MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA, AAC, M4A, Ogg Vorbis, PCM and Playlist(M3U, PLS)

14. Optional Items

Passive speaker : CAP10
X10 has no built-in speaker inside. It provides CAP10 bookshelf loudspeaker as option. The CAP10 is the
passive speaker that deliver wonderful sound you have never heard from this kind of affordable speaker in
view of price.

USB WiFi dongle
X10 provides WiFi USB dongle for wireless LAN as option. The WiFi dongle supports 801.11b/g/n.

15. Connection
X10 is very simple to connect. You just need below items
[Necessary connection]
1 Power : AC Adapter(24V/3A)
2 Loudspeaker connector : Loudspeaker
[Extra connections]
This connection can be useful,
but not necessary.
3 Headphone output : Headphone
4 Line out : Amplifier
5 Line-in(AUX-in) : Tuner, Turntable, etc
6 USB host : USB devices
7 USB target : PC
8 Ethernet/RJ45 : LAN
9 Optical out : Decorder

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Optional Stereo Speaker for Cocktail Audio X10

Optional Stereo Speaker for Cocktail Audio X10

Price: 59.00 / Euro69.03 (Including VAT at 20%)

The optional passive speaker recommended by the manufacturer. But you can connect to your existing speaker sets subject to the technical specifications.

Optional Wi-Fi USB Dongle

Optional Wi-Fi USB Dongle

Price: 29.00 / Euro33.93 (Including VAT at 20%)

This Wi-Fi USB Dongle will make you connect the Cocktail Audio X10 with your computer wirelessly and play the music inside of your computer to the X10.

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